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Green Dice

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This is a community for people who do (or would) wanna talk about stuff that you see on Green Dice (the site, http://www.growing-wings.net/greendice/ ) like world issues, music, DIY, vegan/vegetarian, photography, independent literature, indie films, body positive issues, sex positive issues, and influencing world change. Sound interesting to you, join and if you don't like it, then unjoin yourself, it's worth giving us a try!

As of yet, I can't think of any real rules, if you're cruel in any way I'll bid you farewell. If you cross a line you will be warned and then banned if you don't stop it. Anything too long and you should lj-cut it. The topic is broad so you can talk about a lot of different stuff, but no conversation about your aunt's toe, let's not try to get too far out of any reach of a resonable topic. Yeah. Have fun!